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DYVVYD is an AI powered Investor>Team virtual platform that is intentional on closing the funding gap for outlier & underestimated teams by digitizing investor relations via data, introductions,

deal-flow and virtual sessions.

We serve

// founders with fundraising for angel, syndicate or qualified rounds

// angels/funds/syndicates seeking vetted dealflow from underrepresented teams

// emerging fund managers streamlining their strategy

// industry experts offering their services to our team portfolio

// corporate partners partnering with our innovators on new technology developments


You are building an innovative solution for a problem in your immediate community and need help with the next step of your strategy

You are in the process of validating your business model

You are fundraising and experiencing roadblocks in crafting your pitch or pitch deck to acquire investor buy-in


You are a high net worth individual or high-level executive who is seeking to diversify your investment portfolio  by deploying capital into early stage founders


You are a hopeful emerging fund manager crafting a thesis for your eventual fund formation


You are an angel investor seeking 1-1 deals or participation in a DYVVYD-vetted syndicate


You are partner in a fund seeking to diversify your dealflow and review deals from overlooked groups, industries or geographic regions


You work at an innovation company or corporation seeking to partner with the creators behind today's and tomorrow's impactful technology

You consider yourself an expert in your space, either actively building your own startup, contributing your skills as a superstar team member at your place of employment or you're an early adopter and love all things innovative

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