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This platform is the brainchild of a disruptive group of Silicon Valley-based innovators and partners who believe in closing the funding gap while democratizing investor access for underrepresented founders. With a variety of backgrounds in creating and powering both local [US] and global funding platforms, this network of investors and innovators has made a humble attempt to simplify the complex problem that most founders in the marketplace face when attempting to fund their innovation - access to the money while also creating a clear path to diverse deal flow for investors-at-large. No more excuses for the funding gap. 


The DYVVYD concept is simple – a smart, seamless, process for founders to gain access to the best investors in the industry committed to diversity and inclusion, with D&I as a distinct thesis. In turn, investors driven to diversify their portfolio and connect to untapped markets can do so through the marketplace portal where profiles, pitch decks and pitch videos of diverse startups can be easily accessed.


We believe in 'innovation-for-all' and by its funding, all communities of society [and all consumers of technology] can be equally represented by the solutions created to solve their own needs in their very own backyard.


We're using the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to power our community and connectivity.


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to the DYVVYD

digital community for underrepresented

startup teams.

This is yours.

Your space.

Built just for you.

A space for you, underrepresented founder or startup team

raising any round of funding from Pre to C.

[Pre-Seed to Series C].


Your space to communally connect with others walking the same journey.

Your space to privately chat with other member experts you need guidance from.

Your space to attend Live! sessions with investors, upload your pitch materials for review, get questions answered, share war-stories, celebrate your wins or vent your frustrations, seek insight and provide the best tips to get that term-sheet.


We're betting on the future success of underrepresented founders and within this community, we're betting on each other and driving our connected force to even higher heights, collectively.


Let's get to work!

don't mind us.

here's what some of your fellow founders

and CEOs are saying

The DYVVYD Team was simply amazing! In a short period of time they were able to ascertain exactly what we needed to get our business pitch ready. A few months in now, under their watchful eye, we did a complete 180 turn. We are working on a new platform that will showcase our marketplace in a better light; a huge win with our clients and will subsequently get us connected with the right investor, the kind that will say HELL YES!

If we had to do this journey all over again, we would change only one thing; engage the DYVVYD Team earlier in our startup's development!

- T.N. Founder, Kikwetu Life

Deeply appreciate that this initiative allows founders like me the opportunity to focus on my company and when matched, pitch investors in my vertical who are interested in what my team and I are building. I have widened my VC network exponentially through DYVVYD. Connections I would never have gotten cold-emailing on my own. 

- Bryan T. Founder/CEO, Sacre Bleu

The minute I met Kiki, I genuinely felt she is was going to be my ally. Regardeless of how busy she gets, she always make sure to get back to you, to help with whatever she can and as much as she can. As a founder, you need that type of support more than ever, even sometimes a good ear to listen, get out of your head and remind you of the bigger picture.

- Emna G. Founder & CEO, Veamly

DYVVYD has given me the opportunity to pitch my start-up to multiple investors all from the ease of a video conference. Instead of strategizing to get a warm intro to investors who would be a good fit for our company and investment stage, the DYVVYD process matches us with investor who are a good fit. Running a startup is challenging, and fundraising feels like a full time job, so I am beyond grateful for DYVVYD’s network and assistance!

Mandi B. CEO, LubbDubb