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If you're here, you're either a fully launched startup with considerable scale and MoM growth per your vertical and round raising, or you could use some help with your business model, growth stack, tech stack, go-to-market strategy or brand awareness.


DYVVYD is not an accelerator or incubator, but are the step just beyond that.
We're working with these well renowned accelerator-incubators to power access for teams likes yours, to help raise the quality of your fundraising round for our partner firms, funds and syndicates.


With this Techstars Partnership, we offer YOU a direct pathway into the global network of Techstars Accelerator programs for entrepreneurs like you who are fast tracked into their accelerator system, increasing your chance to be part of a powerful community. 



- Network

- Access to the Empower Collective community in Slack

- Access to Empower Collective Mentors



- Promotional credits for AWS ($5000)

- Discount on setting up a NetCapital crowdfund account ($3500)

- 20% off 6-month subscription of Bench bookkeeping ($145)

- 3-months of 10% Happier, mindfulness meditation app ($24)

- 10% off all orders at, custom promotional products ($100)

- $4000 credits with Freshworks.

Headquartered in Palo Alto and with more than 180 chapters in more than 65 nations around the world, FI has powered the creation of 3500+ companies which have gone on to raise $800M+ in funding.

Apply now to help turn your idea into a viable fundable startup.

Launch your business Silicon-Valley Style”.


The unique 'idea-to-prototype' GUILD academy's 12-week online program is for idea-stage/pre-product female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs at MVP stage who are serious about making their business a success and finally creating a tangible solution to test in the marketplace.

Apply now to take advantage of The GUILD Academy's growth program and network.

With headquarters in Paris & Silicon Valley, Noir Diaspora is one of Africa's leading Venture Studios sourcing and scaling the brightest tech teams and ideas on the continent and throughout the diaspora across 5 global hubs.

If you are an African founder building an innovative startup on the ground or in the US, UK, Australia, LatAm, MENA or SEAsia, apply now to take advantage of a robust African founder network, access to African investors and scale via Noir Diaspora's Africa-focused growth programming.

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