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**The World Economic Forum (WEF) calls for innovation and investment in digital mental health, as mental health needs are set to DOUBLE in the wake of COVID-19**

Wakefully is a guided self-therapy app that enables users to address issues at the subconscious level. Wakefully optimizes users’ waking-up experience with a smart alarm, voice recorder, and interactive dream journal. Our patent-pending ML/NLP technology guides users with a personalized quiz, using their dreams in a mindful daily practice to uncover, acknowledge, and accept emotional challenges – all before getting out of bed!

Our MVP, an A.I. Chatbot on FB/Messenger (@MyDreamChat), is growing >130% MoM to >12K active users in 5 months, with an 82% user satisfaction rating and 54% sharing rate.

Wakefully is capitalizing on an untapped opportunity – the 3 minutes upon waking, an identified optimal mindset neuroscience terms the “Hypnopompic State” – to facilitate individual and collective transformation at the deepest level: in the subconscious.

We are raising $300K to build & launch the Beta app. Validated by our MVP data – tracking >100 unique datapoints – we project 7K initial downloads, and a 15% CVR to paid subscribers, bringing us to $100K MRR within Year 1.

A category defining company, we've taken dream-therapy, a practice embraced by every major ancient culture as well as by more than 85% of modern psychotherapists, and incorporated it into the digital age of 21st century as an effective solution for self-management of emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our Global Dream Wisdom Bank – a first of its kind database of cognitive schemas insights – will position Wakefully as a Big Data leader in mental health by 2025.