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YouROK enables healthcare providers to increase mental health services without adding staff while more quickly identifying who is most at risk. The YouROK solution includes K’Bro: an award-winning, multi-featured, interactive app designed to build emotional resilience in adolescents. The YouROK solution enables providers to track adolescent mental wellness and by extension gauge family and life functioning through its Enterprise Portal. Parents also have the option to get weekly updates on their child(ren)’s well-being via a Parent Portal. YouROK fits into the continuum of care by integrating with providers, payors and schools healthcare or wellness systems through our real-time, AI informed, monitoring system. By partnering with the healthcare providers – both pediatricians and behavioral health providers -- YouROK can either be prescribed or promoted as an effective mental health tool. By using YouROK’s platform, new data can be gathered and leveraged providing greater insights into patients’ mental state to proactively provide care. The K'Bro app includes evidence-informed activities that enable adolescents to experience a boost in their emotional well-being through the 1) Am I OK? game naming emotions; 2) Deal With It! proactively discover self care tips; Speak Up! practicing self-advocacy 4) What's Up? gratitude practice and 5) I Wonder? practicing reframing negative thoughts.