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Company Overview

Cleanbox Technology, Inc. a patented, eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene product line for the medical grade decontamination, drying and protection of VR & AR headsets and other mass use hardware such as earphones, tablets and cell phones. Cleanbox is the first mover in commercial grade VR/AR cleaning systems.

Problem solved:

Immersive technology (XR) hardware cleaning options currently are 1) alcohol wipes; 2) replacement foam inserts; 3) paper face covers, none of which prevent contagion transfer or dry between users. Because of the extensive exposure to a users’ skin, hair and saliva that happens using XR, there have been contagion transfers and issues with wet, sweaty and smelly hardware. An efficient, effective solution to these issues is critical to the ability of companies to deploy XR programs and scale them across global business units.


Patented technology that incorporates the use of UVC (medical grade light), directed air and a nanocoating component for the safe decontamination and drying of hard-to-clean, mass-use electronics. No heat, toxins, or liquid in the cleaning process. Environmentally friendly and safe.


Approved US utility patent with global filings in 20+ countries. Additional utility and design patents and international trademarks.

Competition/Competitive Advantage:

First to market B2B product line that has multi-functionality from its core ability to provide safe, medical grade decontamination and drying (from sweat, moisture), to charging, storage, locking and data collection.

Market Size/Customers:

AR/VR Market to reach 200b in 3 years.

Commercial use of AR/VR headsets is projected to grow more quickly than overall market.

• 10 million AR/VR headsets in use commercially by end of 2019

• Over 75 million AR/VR headsets in use commercially by 2021

• Use of commercial VR/AR in public venues is expected to increase 500%each year

AR/VR in healthcare, education, construction, and other enterprise applications is expected to grow to ~25% of total industry revenue by 2021.

Business Model:

Direct sales, leasing, data collection across industries including healthcare, education, entertainment and manufacturing


Clients and pilots in 15 strategic business verticals within 6 months


XR is a nascent industry, grass roots awareness due to entertainment experiences, but growth and maturity tied to enterprise use cases showing quantifiable ROI. Currently early growth, 3x within 3 years, market maturity expected in 5-7 years, with organic growth beyond. Strategic acquisition within 3-5 years.