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community for experts/pro's




Founders: Our experts work across all verticals, industries and disciplines. They are either at the top of their career guiding successful corporate functions or have been founders like you who got funded, acquired a successful exit and are now giving back to you.


Experts: Startups are iterating fast or being forced to pivot to anticipate where our society is headed. At the same time many professionals forced to stay home are looking for ways to diversify into multiple sources of online income. If you're an industry professional and would like to leverage your income, expertise and personal brand to power a new wave of digital innovation, as well as take advantage of our growing tech digital economy supporting founders, startups, investors and accelerators, please fill out your profile below.

We handle all booking, scheduling, vetting, curating and backend logistics.

We collect a 12% processing fee and for DYVVYD members only who are referred to your profile and are fundraising, we pass that fee to them as a discount for your services.

On a rolling basis, we're accepting the top experts in their respective fields and should you be a fit for our interactive and multi-faceted community, we'll be in touch.


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