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join a cohort of fellow investors, launch your investment portfolio, identify unicorns and begin stacking generational wealth



According to a recent Bloomberg Insider research piece,

along with consumer generative AI programs like Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the generative AI market is poised to explode, growing to $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years from a market size of just $40 billion in 2022 transforming spaces such as generative AI infrastructure as a service ($247 billion by 2032) used for training LLMs, followed by digital ads driven by the technology ($192 billion) and specialized generative AI assistant software ($89 billion). On the hardware side of this, revenue will be driven by AI servers ($132 billion), AI storage ($93 billion), computer vision AI products ($61 billion) and conversational AI devices ($108 billion).


AI technology is predicted to be as transformational as the internet was in the 1990s shaking up 40% of this generation's jobs globally having a sweeping impact on white-collar workers pulling in high salaries in banking and tech.

We need to prepare for a future where technology completely overhauls all industries from real estate and hospitality, to health care and social services. Industries that have remained largely untouched since the internet came to play over 30 years ago.

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If ever there was a time to connect and build relationship with fellow high net worth executives and aspiring investors  building, creating and engineering the change we would like to see across the innovation space, now is the time.

Investment, especially at the early stage, is not a closed, exclusive process.


The more you know how to identify stellar founders who have a strong vision and excellent work ethic, the more you can sift through the best leaders to invest in.


The more you know how to screen viable investable businesses, the more you can put your dollar to work for potential return on investment.

The more you know what markets are stirring, where your interests lie and what industries you find most attractive to help scale, the more you can be part of this move of wealth generation and impact.


You and the deal team have been very instrumental in getting this deal together, I am very happy with the progress so far.


Engaging the DYVVYD Ventures team early in our process streamlined our US investing activities far better than we hoped.


Your mentorship, encouragement & inspiration as role models has become my driving force to show this is working.

I'm Kiki

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DYVVYD Investment Platform

DYVVYD Angel League



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Noir Diaspora Venture Studio

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Nasdaq | Mentor Makers


Founder Institute

I'm the Founder & CEO of DYVVYD, a Silicon Valley-based investment platform with a community of angel, syndicate and venture capital investors and the CEOs they invest in.

I've been investing in tech based companies for the past 12+ years and it is my belief that if you have the means and the desire to foster generational wealth creation, while supporting a new wave of innovation across the continent then you should have access to the wealth building advantages of equity ownership, investment capacities and the tools for activation.

You shouldn't have to feel stuck, scrolling the internet sorting through a variety of support articles or strategies which force you to figure out your way on your own. 

There are no rules around joining secret clubs or insider access to get you down your path to being an angel investor and start building wealth. That's why I created the African Angel League built off of DYVVYD's track record of:

  • Over $20,000,000+ in funding raised

  • Over $250,00,000+ in total valuations

  • 200+ satisfied founders + CEOs​


IW .png

the purpose

driven investor

is built different!

Within the past 30 years, the globe has been riding an innovation wave due to the rapid scale of innovation and automation led by companies that have achieved massive unicorn status transforming industries and our very own way of living. We invite you to travel with us on an impactful journey with DYVVYD League —a private circle for executives and high net worth individuals like you, determined to transform Africa's innovation landscape via private investment.


From our base in Silicon Valley, we are well versed in US-centric deals. Layer on the intricate distinctions of a global customer base, cultural nuance, purpose driven ethics and the impact of responsibility and empowerment and you will find this program unique.


Develop the knack of identifying potential unicorns, win early individual allocations on deals, with responsibility and purpose assess the skillset of the leadership behind great startups and understand how to perform due diligence before you make an investment decision. Form circles with other investors then build syndicates or invest via your own portfolio while crafting your specific investment thesis.

Along with a highly motivated private roundtable circle, understand why the statistics for the next 10 years show promise and position yourself to elevate your wealth quotient while building purpose driven habits that inform the success track records of popular tech investors.

Ready to go?










Investor systems frameworks


The value of cultural heterogeneity


Ecosystem mechanics

The power dynamic and our responsibility

Networking for transformation

Cultural context and the impact of nuance

Portfolio construction for various asset classes


Diversification and risk

Markets, policies & jurisdictions

Technological trends across all growth stacks and industry verticals

Timing, Targeting, Storytelling and Differentiation for your Investor Brand

Primary pillars for startup valuation



Thankyou for what you are doing for the community. I now see the immense value that this platform brings.


Thankyou for the great work you are doing elevating entrepreneurs! I look forward to future opportunities


You've done an amazing job curating investors willing to offer not only expertise and assistance, but funding too. Thanyou!


League Logo.png


  • We’re empowering high net worth individuals, executives and professionals with the sensitivity to nuance, purpose-led positioning and the unique opportunity to join a controlled learning environment.
    In community with others like you, we offer the skill to understand global markets, the ability to grasp the innovation context and the instinct for a great deal by granting you access to the brilliant teams and companies curated through our platform and combined global ecosystem communities.

  • We're inviting angel investors going through the League to join DYVVYD Investment Platform's community of a diverse, global collective of investors ranging from syndicates & funds investing in real estate & precious metals, to technology & green energy and everything in-between well as numerous private investor networks, private investor memberships, exclusive investor circles, corporate partnerships and fund associations.

  • Through our platform, angel investors going through the League are able to invest checks into startups and teams within the ranges of $1,000 to $20,000 as their confidence and ability to identify great deals, grows

  • Through our platform, angel investors going through the League are able to leverage the corporate and community partnerships we have built within the ecosystem to access new networks, leverage knowledge and grow their own investment portfolios.

So what should you expect inside the DYVVYD League experience?

White Structure



C2S1 2024


  • Kick off with an introduction to the program, its overarching success strategy and craft your individual roadmap to help guide your success

  • Research methodologies and investment markets analyzing the benchmark indicators that will inform your roadmap.

  • Perform market analysis understanding the total addressable market concepts that guide industry statistics for lucrative investments

  • Get laser focused on your Ideal Target Market for founder/team profiles and learn basic outreach strategies

Don't welcome yet another

fiscal year

without positioning yourself in 2024.


C2S1 2024

By the close of this cohort, you will...


Learn the secrets to identifying great deals.

Discover the key to

choosing the best companies to invest in


Activate the elevation

of your personal brand

for a global marketplace



Discover how high-level relationships matter for wealth creation circles


Grasp the vital importance of cultural context and nuance

Curate & craft your thesis, developed to accentuate your entrepreneurial passion



Grasp the steps to building a strong investment portfolio

Be in community with

like-minded wealth creators


Conduct due diligence on potential companies and analyze findings



We are truly grateful to learn from you and have you support us in realizing greater regional access and equity


Your community and team pulls together the best people and I always find immense value in your format


Thankyou for the direct match to investors that are a fit to my vertical and round raised. Eases the process of fundraising.

  • Who is this program for?
    This program is for you, if: ✅ You are a US-based or globally based successful career professional or high net worth individual who would like to contribute to the innovation wave projected to sweep Africa within the next 10 years. ✅ You have 3-5 hours a week to commit to your programming inclusive of masterclass sessions, mentor meetups, 'buddy' check-ins and coursework. ✅ You have the necessary funds set aside to commit to the program by settling in full at the launch of your cohort, or via monthly payment plan. ✅ You anticipate being ready (at the close of your cohort) to establish your own syndicate, participate in a DYVVYD established syndicate OR invest individually into our privately curated dealflow of over 200+ teams actively building for the African market.
  • What is the process of joining the Angel League?
    We invite all interested parties to apply to join DYVVYD's Angel League. Space is limited and we have room for 10 attendees, therefore we will be screening applicants and evaluating applications. Applicants that fit the criteria will receive an email with a request for a live introduction session, after which attendees will be selected to join this 2nd cohort.
  • Do I have to be an officially accredited investor as per SEC guidelines?
    According to the Securities and Exchange Commission's guidelines, in order to invest in private US-registered companies, your income must meet or exceed the threshold of $200,000 income earned annually, or you must have a net worth of $1M. A percentage of the African-based deals within the DYVVYD community are registered in the US, while others are registered in their local jurisdictions (Europe, Asia or Africa). The SEC exists to protect the investment interests of US-based investors while international teams are typically encouraged to proceed with their local jurisdiction's definition of an accredited investor. For the purposes of this programming where you will come into the understanding of investments frameworks, you do not have to be US-accredited, however, at the close of programming, should you proceed to invest in start-up securities, local or international, we encourage appropriate accreditation as well as the advice of your legal counsel.
  • I am a ________ (fill in the blank), do I qualify?
    The Angel League series is for high net worth individuals, senior executives, subject matter professionals or well positioned entrepreneurs with disposable income, who would like to broaden their investment portfolio by investing in innovative companies building across the African continent with the potential for massive scale.
  • I'm not sure I am equipped to take this on - I don't believe I am competent enough to be considered an investor.
    To be quite frank, the DYVVYD Angel League Series contains power-packed information that we wish we had had access to when beginning our investment journey. Investing in Western (US and European) startup companies is not linear, there are quite a number of routes and paths to take. Layer in the cultural nuance of investing on the African continent now and especially with where the continent is headed in the future, anyone wanting to make a difference and support this new wave of innovation while mentoring our brilliant entrepreneurs is poised to be an investor. Whether you have never dabbled in startup investing or have a track record and are looking to pad your knowledge bank with more strategies and skills, come with whatever experience you have and bring an open mind.
  • Will in-person attendance be required?
    Your cohort is fully remote and accessible via virtual tools inclusive of video portals and social audio. All mastermind sessions (whether audio, video or conference) will be held during evening hours for our Western US attendees and early morning for our European and African time zones.
  • Who will I be learning from?
    In addition to core DYVVYD team members, experts and mentors, we are so excited to be bringing along industry executives, experienced angel investors, superstar founders, product professionals and special guests to enrich your learning experience.
  • How will the lab programming kick-off and how long will it last?
    The lab programming will officially kick-off with a launch event, Q&A session and introduction to the program. The program will run for a period of 8-10 weeks and we are very excited to welcome you all to this year's cohort!
  • What should be expected each week of the lab programming?
    The lab programming will consist of weekly mastermind sessions, webinars, guest speaker events, Q&A sessions, lunchtime founder pitch sessions and weekly coursework to help you master the material more thoroughly and put it to work effectively. You will have access to periodic live pitch sessions where entrepreneurs around the globe pitch our investor community for funding allowing you to learn the structure of a great pitch and how entrepreneurs position themselves effectively. You should also expect to work closely with your fellow attendees in labs, partnered sessions and groups in order to tear apart deal structures/terms, build relationship, form community and develop your investor persona together.
  • I have commitments (family, demanding job/business, frequent travel). How much time should I be expected to commit to this?
    We have been very intentional on ensuring that the weekly events, material and coursework are not a strain on your current schedule. The materials we provide you with the lab's programming will be available at your convenience to complete as soon as you can prior to proceeding with the following week's module. As well, mastermind sessions and guest events are recorded as well and available in your private DYVVYD profile.
  • I have more questions not answered here or in any of your platform pages, how do I get in touch?
    To gain insight specific to your cohort, please contact our programming team via the link below:
  • Who or What is DYVVYD?
    Angel League is programming brought to you by DYVVYD (divvied, diversified) which is a Silicon Valley-based investment platform and digital community for investors and under-networked startups. DYVVYD leverages Data and A.I to provide overlooked and often underestimated founders the power to access capital. The platform targets investors who are “ahead of the curve” in terms of prioritizing investments in underrepresented founders and provides a digital community where both investors and founders can be introduced foregoing barriers such as the warm intro or elite network. DYVVYD is intentional on closing the funding gap for women & minorities by digitizing investor relations via introductions & deal flow, making recommendations based on activity/interaction and collecting data against successful connection points. Our work in the tech industry has been featured in Forbes, The LA Times, Nasdaq, CBS Bay Area News, Information Weekly + more, with our team sharing our perspectives with the audiences of Nasdaq Purpose Week, the Women in IT Summit/Silicon Valley, StartupSouth, Summerfest Festival, Global Skills Day + more
  • What is the breakdown of DYVVYD's extended global community that I will gain access to?
    DYVVYD belongs to the hand-in-hand and extended networks of: - Founder Institute - Palo Alto, CA (FI has powered the creation of 3500+ companies which have gone on to raise $800M+ in funding) - Techstars - Boulder, CO (TS has powered the formation of 1600 companies with a combined market cap of $18.2B) - Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center - San Francisco, CA (a global community with a goal of 1 million mentor hours ignited by 50,000 community mentors in support of entrepreneurs) - Noir Diaspora - Paris, France (leading African venture studio where investors can discover the fastest scaling African startups in all tech categories) well as numerous private investor networks, private investor memberships, exclusive investor circles and fund associations.
  • I am not interested in joining as an attendee of this cohort, but would like to contribute to your programming as a subject matter expert, industry leader or expert professional.
    We welcome your interest. Please send an email with your level of interest to Connor, DYVVYD's Head of Venture Relations. Click the link below:
  • I am not interested in joining as an attendee of this cohort, but would like to join the exclusive private membership of global angel investors.
    We are not screening for new members for our angel investor community, but are happy to put you on the waitlist. Please send an email with request to join the waitlist to our Member Relations team. Click the link below:
  • I am not interested in joining as an attendee of this cohort, but represent an entity (company, PE/VC fund, private partnership, syndicate group) seeking expansion to new markets.
    DYVVYD's team and global experts provide white glove service for market entry, market expansion and access to networks. Please send an email with request to Connor, DYVVYD's Head of Venture Relations. Click the link below:


We've received immense interest in this program and only have 10 available seats this cohort. Please apply below for consideration.


EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Investing in technology or traditional startups is a long game. As with stock market investments, results are not linear/typical and favorable outcomes are not guaranteed. The information, strategies, content, roadmaps, breakdowns and formulas provided during the cohort should not be assumed as a warranty or assurance of specific results or returns and should not be considered as financial advice. Any investment decisions should be made after thorough research and consultation with a qualified professional. We do not endorse or recommend specific investments, and we shall not be held responsible for any financial losses or other consequences that may arise from your investment decisions. Always conduct your own due diligence and seek advice from a certified financial advisor before making any investment choices. Your participation signifies your acknowledgment and agreement with these terms and conditions.

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